The Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM™), developed by the University of Kansas, is a comprehensive approach to adolescent literacy that addresses the need of students to be able to read and understand large volumes of complex materials and be able to express themselves effectively in writing. The goal is to help students become independent learners and meet the demands of life, not just in school but after they leave school. The components of SIM™ include teacher-focused interventions (Content Enhancement Routines) and student-focused interventions (Learning Strategies). SIM™ is supported by research, success stories, and a proven track record to help schools succeed in meeting the needs of their students.


The Components of SIM™



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The Content Literacy Continuum™ (CLC) is a coordinated and aligned school-wide approach that incorporates the Strategic Instruction Model™. It consists of five increasingly intensive levels of literacy support designed to improve literacy for all students in the secondary schools.