About Webinars

T/TAC webinars are designed to provide information to viewers while enhancing information that might already be on our Web site. We strive to provide short, professional sessions that are readily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It is understood that not everyone can attend face-to-face workshops, and it is not always possible for us to reach all of the locations that would like professional development. Webinars are a great way to fill this gap, while allowing viewers to take in the information at the time, place, and pace of their choosing.

Another goal for each webinar is to provide a hub of information that is aligned with the topic of the webinar. When navigating to a webinar, viewers will also see links to presentation files, Web sites, additional episodes, and other information that correlate with the topic, along with contact information for the coordinator that can help answer questions or provide additional information. 

All recorded T/TAC webinars are filmed on JMU’s campus with support provided by the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT). Special thanks to D. Lee Beard, Jessica Weaver, and Ashley Caudill of the CIT for their ongoing assistance with the recording of each webinar.

Other webinars of interest (not produced by T/TAC) will also be linked on the main webinar page.